10 Things You Should Do During Covid-19

We are going through tough times, however we have to keep our hopes up because this will end one day, nothing lasts forever. 🙂 So, we should try to stay sane, healthy and inside! So, let’s see what we can do during such a chaotic period of time.

1-Keep yourself hydrated.
Drinking water has always always been important, but as we are not going out and not getting enough oxygen, drinking water will help our metabolism to run smoothly. Drinking water helps having a nice glowy skin as well.

2-Wash your hands.
This has been the first rule of survival during Covid-19. You have to keep your hands clean in order to stay away from the virus. After washing your hands, do not forget to use moistrizer, washing hands often will result in dryness on skin.

3-Keep on daily skincare routine.
Our skin needs to breathe as well. Yes, we don’t really do much make up now as we spend our times at home, but that does not mean we should stop using our cleansers, exfoliants and moistruizers. Don’t trust the power of Fractional Laser or Hydrafacial. 🙂 You should also take care of yourself by doing your own skincare routine.

Exercising will help bloodflow in a very positive way. If you have been sitting for a long time, stand
up, walk around. Doing exercise will help boosting seratonin, it helps keeping away from getting
depressed. 🙂

Meditation will help calming down nerves and also, will help you go to sleep easily. Meditating 10 minutes before going to sleep will help going to sleep easier in such difficult times.

6-Open the window and breathe in the fresh air.
Stop thinking and spiraling! Stand up, open the window, and take that freshness in. It will help clearing your head for sure.

7-Make plans for the future.
Don’t stop dreaming, we know that you think all your plans are cancelled, NO! Your plans have only been postponed, sooner or later, you will get on that plane and take a sip from your Martini by the sunset or have your surgeries of your dreams….

8-Find an hobby.
Find a distraction to keep you busy, if you like writing, get a diary, if you like drawing, start doing it. Who knows you might discover a talent…

9-Read a book, do not spend too much time on your phone.
Looking to the phone screen is bad for your skin and it makes our skin age faster, no one would want to get Botox done before the age they are supposed to start. 🙂

10-Plan an Online Consultation for the operation you wish to have in the future.
Remember, your plans are only being postponed, if you were so eager to have your rhinoplasty surgery in April, no problem, this would give you time to have yourself ready for the process even
better. 🙂 Having an operation is not an easy process, you shall think it through and do research. Having an online consultation with your surgeon would help understand things better. 🙂
Most importantly, the only way to prevent this virus from spreading;


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