What is the importance of breast aesthetics? What does an ideal breast look like?

Breasts are probably the most important elements of the female sexual identity, which connote maternity and femininity. They have a major role in the perception of sexiness. On the other hand, they’re the source of the breastmilk, which is vitally important for a newborn baby. The ideal breast should look upright and conical, in a full teardrop shape. Being proportionate to the rest of the body dimensions, a nice cleavage, and a nice shape are essentials of breast aesthetics.

What are the types of breast implants? Which one is suitable for me?

Breast implants are classified according to their shapes (tear drop / round), filling materials (saline-filled / silicone gel filled), profiles (high / moderate / low) and surface properties (smooth / textured). It will be better if you let your plastic surgent decide all these parameters, after listening your expectations and examining your body shape.

Who are the candidates for breast implants?

Women with insufficient breast volume are the candidates for breast implants.

How are silicone implants inserted? How long does the operation take? How long do I need to stay at the hospital?

Silicone implants are inserted in operating theatre conditions, under general anaesthesia, through a small incision. The incision can be placed around the areola, under the breast, or in the armpit. Operation takes around an hour and a half, and the patient is discharged the next day.

Should the breast imlants be placed above the muscle, under the muscle , under the fascia or dual-plane? Which one is better?

The answer to this question is different in every patient. This decision is best done by the surgeon.

Do the silicone implants interfere with the safety of breast feeding?

As the silicone implants are placed under the breast tissue or even deeper, they never interfere with the safety of breast feeding.

How long after silicone breast implants can I go back to work/school/daily life?

You can go back to your daily life in 3-4 days after breast augmentation surgery.

I’ll come from another city/country. How long should I stay in Istanbul?

A 7-day stay after surgery will be enough.

Can the breast implants be inserted in combination with other aesthetic operations?

Of course, as it’s a simple and short procedure, it can be done together with other operations such as rhinoplasty, breast lift, face lift, liposuction, tummy tuck.