Brow Lift/Temple Lift and Cat-Fox Eyes Surgery (Almond Eye Surgery)

What are the different types of brow lift(temple lift)?

Especially after filters used on social media, everyone has become very very concerned about the position of the brows, the patients want to look elevated. Everyone is after lifted looking brows and yes, the brows have become a mark of a youthful and fresh look.

So, how do we do lift the eyebrows? (Especially about the outer 1/3 of the eyebrows)

We have two different alternatives here; surgical and non surgical procedures. To be able to lift the eyebrows, we use injectables to the corner of the eyebrows. It is not permanent of course. The other option would be threads (permanent or non permanent), which is done by very little incisions by the corner of the eyebrows and we tighten the eyebrow and fixate it to the scalp. So, these options can give us non permanent results. But, especially when the patient is more elderly or they have severe droopiness on the brows, then the best way to correct this and elevate the eyebrow would be definetly through a temple lift surgery which can be done either endoscopically(through little incisions in the scalp) or a direct brow lift can be performed through the incision by the border of the brow which will
achieve an elevated eyebrow at the end.

What’s an endoscopic brow lift?

An endoscopic brow lift is the lifting procedure of the brow, lateral forehead and the temple
introduced into the tissues) in
area all together by using an endoscope device (a camera
order to get closer to the areas that we’re going to stitch. During an endoscopic temple lift
procedure, the tissues are addressed in layers and all the layers are lifted one by one. This
way, we achieve a more long-lasting and more stable result of all the temple area.

What’s a cat eye surgery?

So basically, when you draw a line between the inner corner of the eye and the outer corner of the eye, this line should have a higher lateral corner than the medial one. When the eyes are aligned like this, the face generally looks more youthful. So, there is a surgical approach to shift this line, which is called a canthoplasty surgery. (Cat eye surgery) During a canthoplasty procedure, the lateral corner of the eye is pulled upwards. Sometimes, we combine the cat eye surgery with a brow lift and also in some cases we can add an upper blepharoplasty to the treatment plan as well. Different patients have different needs so, we can do other modifications to the procedure but, at the end of the day our aim is to have a higher lateral corner, lifted temples and a better eyebrow alignment.

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