How Does The Breast Implant Surgery Take Place?

Breast implants are medical materials which have various shapes and sizes.  These implants are inserted through a small incision under the breast. The main goal here is to end up with a better projection of the breasts. Breast implant surgery can also be combined with breast lift surgery. If the patient has saggy skin, only inserting implants will not be enough to reshape the breast, this excess tissue should be removed, so the patient can achieve a perky look. Otherwise, breasts will be bigger but saggier.

Depending on the patient’s body structure and desires, the type&shape of the implants vary. In some cases, the implant can be placed through the incision and the operation would be completed. However, in more complicated cases, extra interventions might be needed, such as repositioning the nipple, adjusting the cleavage and creating a new crease.

In some surgeries, only implant placement might not give achievable results. To eliminate this risk, surgeons use temporary implants during the surgery in order to decide on the correct size. Temporary implants are placed after removal of the breast tissue. After the breasts are ready with their desired shapes, temporary implants are removed and replaced with permanent ones. So, temporary implants are used as “sizers”.

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