How rhinoplasty surgery can change your face?

Well, the answer is yes and no at the same time… The rhinoplasty, “nose job” surgery basically depends from patient to patient. We need to keep in mind some facts, such as; the anatomical features, how much work was done, the skin thickness of the patient.

Now, if rhinoplasty surgery would change your facial features so much, this might end up to be in a good or a bad way…

If a drastic change of your overall facial look (in a bad way) is achieved after rhinoplasty surgery, this might mean, your results are ‘overdone’. Meaning, your nose might have been reduced in size too much, or the result is looking fake etc.

Now, on the contary, if this drastic change has a positive effect, then it means things have been performed the way they are supposed to. If the harmony between all facial features are not lost, then a drastic change would still end up with a very nice result and if your overall facial definition&projection&beauty is more enhanced, then what could we possibly ask for? 🙂

Unfortunately there is no one size fits for all concept in rhinoplasty, everything should be planned specifically for the patient.

Let’s dig a little deeper about how rhinoplasty can transform your apperance! 🙂

How can a nose change the whole face?
The nose is positioned in the middle of the face. So, if it is tilted even just a little bit to one side, it creates a big difference… and imagine having more flaws on the nose on top of this. So, the more deformities you have on the nose, the bigger the difference will be post rhinoplasty surgery. But do not make this scare you, this is a good change… Having a deformity on the nose means, that part is not in harmony with the other features of the face, when this surgery is performed just right, all elements of the face will be in harmony, and yes this will create a big change, ending up with a beautiful result! Yet, it will still be natural! How? Well, when the nose is proportioned to the face properly, even a big change on the nose will look just fine because there is a math behind all this. When all parts of the face are in harmony, it just only creates a natural, balanced look for the whole face. Imagine, when the bump on the nose is reduced too much, then the nose will no longer be in proportion right? This is how the results can go wrong.

No matter how big or small the change on nose is, if it is properly propotioned and in harmony with the rest of the face, yes your whole face will be changed but it will be a beautiful result and sometimes people will not even notice!

You are thinking, well if the whole face is changed, how will it not be noticed? Sshh… that is the secret of our plastic surgeons… 🙂

A drastic change does not mean you won’t look like yourself anymore!

Once again as the nose is right in the middle, its potential to a complete facial harmony is huge and its effects to the whole face just spreads…For instance, when you have a very big hump on your nose, it can make you look angry or tough or aggresive but when the hump is removed, you might end up with a generally softer and a more elegant look for the whole face(with just a change on the nose). Or when a hanging tip is lifted, it creates a balance for the jawline or chin.

Do not underestimate the power of rhinoplasty, even small touches can create huge, beautiful but natural looks! No matter the changes to be subtle or big, you will still look like you after the rhinoplasty surgery, well only just more attractive!

The advantages of a beautiful rhinoplasty surgery result, what can a rhinoplasty surgery do to a nose?
The rhinoplasty surgery can make a lot of changes on the nose, such as;

If you have a bump on the nose, it can be removed.
If you have a hanging tip, it can be lifted.
If your nostrils are big, the sizes can be reduced.
If your nose is overrprojected, meaning if it sticks out too much, it can be decrease.
If the you have a boxy or a bulbous tip, a better definition can be provided.
If your nose is wide, the alar base of your nose can be narrowed. (to some extent)
If you alar flaring, or alar retraction, it can be corrected.
If your radix is too low, it can be augmented.
If your nose is crooked, it can be brought to midline as much as possible.

How can I decide what kind of a nose would match my facial features?
It is not you who will make the final call here, you would need to discuss this with your plastic surgeon. Yes, you might have the perfect nose imagine in mind, but this might end up in a disaster if you do not listen to your surgeon!

The plastic surgeon is the person who has years of experience with many many different patients who each have a unique anatomy, who can see how the proportions of your face should look like and who can understand how the balance between all your facial features should be. Your surgeon knows how to reshape the nose for your own personalized ideal look.

Sometimes you might not know the exact issue is, this is where the plastic surgeon comes in play, your surgeon will be able to tell what will fit your facial features and enhance the overall definition and projection of your face.

Picking your surgeon
Good communication is the key here, you have to be transparent with your surgeon. Explain all your desires properly and also try to have no judgements about what your surgeon has to say about your case.

An experienced surgeon knows how to enhance your facial beauty with a tailored approach only for your specific facial anatomy. Your surgeon should know the nose should complement the other elements of the face.

Do your research about your surgeon properly and request a face to face consultation between you and your doctor. Try to find out about how experienced they are when it comes to rhinoplasty, if your surgeon is more interested in facial procedures, then probably you are in the right place.

The perfect match between the patient and the diagnosis for surgery can transform the patients’ lives immensely and boost confidence. With Clinicarts’ specialized plastic surgeons, you are just one step away from your dream nose job. Dr. Burak Alhan and Dr. Metin Kerem both highlight the importance of natural results and they always go the extra mile to keep you comforted through the whole rhinoplasty surgery process. This is a permanent change, you will be living with this nose for the rest of your life, and we understand the importance of that.

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