Pain With Breast Implants


If you still feel pain after a long time after surgery, there are two common causes. 

  1. Capsular Contracture  

This happens because the body rejects the implant. Not just only in the breast area, the body can perceive these types of issues as foreign objects. After this, the foreign object will be recognized as a danger for body and it will be rejected by the body’s own metobolism. This is a serious issue and it can happen due to infection, bleeding and for many other reasons. 

  1. Stretching Muscles  

It is an issue which can be easily solved compared to capsular contracture. Although silicone and saline breast implants are light, carrying an additional weight in the breasts may have muscles become streched. This pain woudl likely be even more intense towards the nipple. In this case, it is preferred to contact your surgeon, even if this is not serious. 

Breast Implant Safety

These operations, which have been carried out for more than 50 years worldwide, are absolutely reliable. When performed in a sterile environment, healthy conditions and with a successful surgeon, the risks associated with breast implant surgery are minimized. It’s also really common procedure performed all over the globe. 

Breat Implant Risks 

When it comes to having a surgery, they all have risks just like breast implant surgery. The most known 3 risks are capsular contracture, oil necrosis and infection. 

  • Oil Necrosis: It is generally defined as the inability to feed the existing cultivated oils as a result of excessive oil cultivation. It can be analyzed through redness in breast area.


  • Infection: It is caused by the germs of the cultivated oil in that region. It occurs as a result of not paying attention to keeping the area hygenic. 
  • Capsular Contracture: It occurs when the body rejects the breast implant silicone. The silicone is recognized as a danger for the body and the capsular contracture will occur around of the breast implant. Even though it can be solved by massage therapy in some situations, there need to be performed a secondary revision surgery sometimes to remove the capsular contracture and the breast implant.  

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