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About Brazilian Butt Lift

In today’s world, the butt area is known as the most demanding body part, in plastic surgery. The main reasons for this is either physical or psychological. As one knows, cosmetic surgeries can be performed for many different reasons. Brazilian butt lift is generally performed because the patient does not like his or her own butt area looks.

The butt has a very special and complex structure. Since it has an fatty structure, it can be very sensitive when it comes to the surgical interventions. In addition, it is positioned in the middle of the hip and waist area and connects these two regions. Due to this, it affects and is affected by both areas. In other words, so Brazilian Butt Lift surgery covers the waist area and is also extended to the hip area.

Brazilian butt lift surgery is a surgical operation performed on a wide area. While fat is taken from one region, it is transferred to another region.

What is the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Regardless of gender, everyone wants their physique and butt structures to look good. Although the desires depend from one person to another, patients generally want their butt to be more projected and fuller. This means, patients want their the buttocks to have a structure that is noticed by other people. Physical anatomical structure of the butt area has an important role in the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Even though the patient’s height, weight and demands are important in planning the surgery, the surgeon’s decision and comments are the game changer factors. While performing the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, both open and closed techniques can be applied during the operation. But, this all comes down to the decision of the surgeon. However, the main goal is to make the butt plump, and transferring the fat from a one area to another is the most used methods of all.

Brazil is the country mostly known for its butts and body. That is why, the surgery Brazilian butt lift surgery is named after Brazil. There are many patients around the world who would want to have such looks for their butts, especially in Europe. The number of patients who request to go under this surgery every year is growing rapidly. At the same cme, men are also looking to have for Brazilian butt lift surgery performed, but of course it is more popular among women.

There are 3 techniques that can be used in Brazilian Butt Lift, which are; fat injection, silicone (implant) insertion and butt lifting. While determining on the method to be applied during the surgery, as mentioned earlier, the patient’s demands needs to be considered. During this cosmetic surgery, the butt area is supposed to become more projected and the angle of the butt together with the waist should be proporconized. Therefore, the appearance of the butt when viewed from the side aspect is corrected. 

The Types and Alternatives of Brazilian Butt Lift

Many methods of aesthetic surgery can be actively used to make the butt area better. The large and generally fatty structure of the butt contributes to the number of methods to be applied. First, the patient’s request and the doctor’s decision are taken into consideration. Then, an ideal butt look is created and the patient’s expectations would be applied under good health conditions. General anesthesia is mostly preferred during many aesthetic operations, including Brazilian butt lift. Although Brazilian butt lift surgery is considered a minor procedure, some undesirable consequences can arise. As every cosmetic operation includes possible risks. 

Silicone Butt Prosthesis: An incision pocket is created under the butt muscle fascia and the surgical cut is created where both butt halves meet. Silicone prostheses are placed in these pockets. The silicone prostheses (implants) are harder than the breast silicone prosthesis. For this reason, sing and getting up early in the postoperative period is more problematic. The risk of inflammation in surgical incisions is higher due to its location, so strong ancbioccs are used post surgery. Keeping the operated area sterile is one of the most important part of the post operative care process for Brazilian butt lift operation. As with all implant insertion processes, the implant is limited with the muscle borders of the bu*ocks through a capsule. This capsule can sometimes be narrow and patient can feel pain while sing. This surgery takes around 2-3 hours. This technique has more possible risks and complications than fat injection technique. That’s why fat injection method (Brazilian but lift) is more preferred by the doctors and the patients.

What are the Possible Risks and Complications?

As with any surgical operation, there are some possible risks in Brazilian butt lift surgery too. However, since the body’s own fat tissue is used, the risks are less than silicone butt implant surgery. Swelling and bruising are inevitable, but it is temporary. There will be numbness and pain around the butt region, but this is also temporary. In addition, the risk of fat embolism exists in this operation as in any other surgery. Bleeding Leakage may occur after the surgery and this is normal as well. If the patient encounters one of these, he/she should inform his/her surgeon. These problems will be solved easily and they are normal reactions of human body.

What You Should Know in the Fat Removal Step of Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

This is one of the most important steps in Brazilian butt lift surgery and should be done professionally. Less traumatic methods should be used while removing the fat cells. 3 mm. thin diameter cannula should be used instead of wide cannula. Small size cannulated fat grafts are more likely to be preserved after surgery.

This process is essentially a body shaping process and all relevant regions should be evaluated before the operation. Planning should be made through evaluating the abdomen, waist, the upper and lower parts of the back and around thighs. The removed fat is subjected to precipitation and centrifugation, 25 percent of the average of total volume is injected. At least 2 to 3 areas should be used during the fat removal part of this operation. When the correct technique is used, the result will be directly dependent on the volume of the donor area. If the donor area contains plenty of fat to be transferred to buttocks, then the efficiency and the success rate of the surgery is higher . To summarize, there are 2 conditions to be considered for a successful result in the fat removal step of Brazilian butt lift surgery; the surgical technique to be applied and the donor (fat reserve) area to be used for fat removal. Although these two conditions are fulfilled completely, in some cases the desired results may not be fully achieved.

Process of the Brazilian Butt Lift

First of all, fat reserve area should be discussed and evaluated. This step is really important during fat removal part of the operation. In other words, the surgeon would decide which areas will be included in the fat removal process. Having more areas included for fat removal is more advantageous within the safety limits. The drawing is done in front of a mirror and standing, and the patient will be shown the regions to be studied. There should be no obstacle for the patient to receive general anesthesia because it is the most preferred method. After the preparation and evaluation of the surgery is completed, liposuccion (fat removal) is performed as the first step of the procedure. The extracted fat is injected into the recipient area, the butt, after a certain refinement process. In particular, it is aimed to make the upper parts of the butt become more projected.

Is There Any Obstacle for Patients Not to Go Through Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery?

Brazilian butt lift surgery can be performed on types of buttocks which are flat, or slightly saggy or smaller than other parts of the body. However, it can not be done if the buttock area is excessively flabby. In such cases, additional lifting treatments shall be performed. In addition, in order to perform this surgery, there is a necessity for a proper fat reserve area where sufficient amount of fat can be taken.

Recovery Process of the Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Postoperative care is very important in preventing complications and in the healing of the operated area, (as in any kind of surgery). Depending treatment (fat injection or buttock implants), the exact recovery cme varies. The healing process can proceed smoothly, if lymphatic drainage massage is applied which helps reducing traumas related to liposuction and fat transfer. (The massages have to be performed by professional experts.)

To protect the operated area, a compress dressing is applied so swelling is taken under control. The butt gets smaller in size during the healing process as the swelling decreases. Most patients return to work within a week of resting, while experiencing some pain, bruising and swelling.

Exercises After The Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

If you exercise regularly, you do not have to worry about fat coming back to the liposuctioned area. Therefore, if you exercise, there is no risk of reversing the effect of the surgery. However, it’s strongly recommended that not to exercise excessively before 4 weeks of healing process is completed.

Before The Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery

Cigarette and Alcohol Consumption: Both alcohol and smoking have a destructive effect on cells. Alcohol consumption affects metabolism negatively. Especially in the consumption above a daily glass, blood pressure can become unbalanced. This imbalance can affect the body negatively even while not drinking. As one also knows, stable blood pressure is the leading healthy condition for an operation to be performed in a proper smooth way. Alcohol should not be consumed for 10 days before the operation. Smoking causes deadly damages in cell size. It creates various imbalances throughout the body. It creates serious effects on blood pressure and causes blockage of blood vessels. It also should not be consumed for a week before the operation.

Nutrition: This has a vital role in the health and operational process. Especially, during the cosmetic operations, you should pay extra attention to your diet in the pre surgery period. During Brazilian butt lift surgery, paying attention to what you eat has an important role in order to make surgery go smooth and increase efficiency. The patients can get the most proper advice for their own metabolism about the nutritional care pre surgery from his/her doctor.