Why are oversized breasts harmful?

Oversized breasts make you look fat and unfit. Moreover, they cause back, neck and shoulder pain, spinal problems and itching and sweating under the breast.

Who are the candidates for breast reduction?

Any woman above 18 years of age, who complains from oversized and/or saggy breasts, and is otherwise healthy, can undergo a breast reduction procedure.

How are the breast reduction operations performed? How long does it take? How long do I need to stay at the hospital?

Breasts can be reduced by using numerous different techniques. The aim is to end up with upright and normal sized breasts. Considering the patient’s weight, breast size, level of sagginess etc, the surgeon chooses one of these techniques which suits the patient. Operation takes 2 to 3 hours under general anaesthesia, an done night hospital stay is required.

How long after breast reduction can I go back to work/school/daily life?

Generally it takes a week to go back to your daily life after the operation.

I’ll come from another city/country. How long should I stay in Istanbul?

A 8-9 day stay after surgery will be enough.

Can breast reduction be done in combination with other aesthetic operations?

Breast reduction operations can be done in combination with other aesthetic operations such as face lifting, tummy tuck, liposuction etc.

Does breast reduction affect my ability to breast-feed?

The answer to this question depends on the technique and the amount of reduction. In some cases the ability to breast-feed is not affected, while in some others it can be lost. This case-specific issue should be discussed with the doctor before the operation.