What is a butt lift?

The surgical procedure that aims to uplift and reshape saggy/loose buttocks is called butt lift.

Who are the candidates for a butt lift?

Patients that complain from saggy/loose buttocks due to massive weight loss or aging are candidates for butt lift procedures.

How is a butt lift performed? How long does the operation take?

Butt lift is performed in hospital conditions under general anaesthesia. The duration of the operation is 2-3 hours.

How long after butt lift can I go back to work/school/daily life?

It takes 10 days to go back to your daily life after the operation.

I’ll come from another city/country. How long should I stay in Istanbul?

A 10-12 day stay after surgery is recommended.

Can butt lift be done in combination with other aesthetic operations?

Butt lift can be done in combination with various other aesthetic operations.