Brazilian Butt Lift Processes


After the first checks related to the suitability of the patient for this operation, a detailed examination is performed in accordance with the demands and examination findings of the patient. An operation plan is prepared according to the surgeon’s preference and patient demand. Following the planning, the operations to be performed in the buttock region and the procedures to be performed to the patient are explained in detail with the help of the markings. All risks and possible consequences are explained to the patient. The sites that are planned to be plumped by fat injection during surgery are marked with a surgical marker. At the same time, the incision sites where the fat is planned to be injected are indicated by dashed lines. The length of these incisions is approximately 2-3 mm. It may depending on the operation type and surgeon preference.


Although general anesthesia is preferred during surgery, local anesthesia may be preferred depending on the body structure of the patient. This decision belongs to the doctor and the patient. Brazilian butt lift surgery will give the same results under local anesthesia.

The harvest the site and butts are prepared for surgery. Harvest site is the area where the fat will be taken by liposuction. The areas are disinfected with the help of antibacterial soaps. In cosmetic operations, disinfecting the area to be treated reduces the risk of infection at a high rate. The incisions are opened first during the surgery. These are in the harvest site and butt area. The incisions on the harvest site serve as the place of entry for the infiltration cannula and the liposuction cannula. The liposuction cannula is a thin and long metal tube. This tube is inserted in this area to transfer tumescent fluid or absorb fat from the area. The infiltration cannula is specially designed to inject the tumescent fluid into your fat. It’s a bit smallet than liposuction cannula in size. Incisions in the butt area are used as the entry site of fat transfer cannula. The tumescent liquid passes through the infiltration cannula and is injected into the fat areas where liposuction will be applied. It’s injected less in sensitive areas because of the fact that it is easier to induce fat injection in this area.

Lidocaine and Epinephrine medicines are compounds of the tumescent fluid. They are used by diluting in one liter of saline type solution. The task of lidocaine is to numb the areas to be treated. Epinephrine is used to minimize bruising and bleeding that may occur during surgery. It acts by narrowing the blood vessels.

The fat to be used in the surgery are harvested from the donor area. To get enough fat to be transferred to your butts, fat should be harvested from other parts of your body. It’s performed by liposuction. The areas designated for fat are usually selected as abdomen and flench. The main reason for this is that fat tends to accumulate in the areas where liposuction is applied even if there is weight or fat loss. When fat is transferred to your hips after surgery, these areas are expected to withstand the effects of weight loss. The harvested fat is put into a container made especially for these operations to collect the fat to be transferred to the butts. This container is a specialized cannister. Prevents fat contamination and consequently reduces the risk of infection. At the same time, specialized cannister prevents fat from interacting with air. Interacting with air can reduce the life of the fat.

At this point, it is more appropriate to use butt implants if the patient does not have enough fat in her body for the Brazilian butt lift.

The fat harvested by liposuction is transferred to large syringes from specialized cannister. The fat is separated from the tumescent fluid. Tumescent fluid is not absorbed by the body. Then, it’s transferred to smaller syringes after separating. A special cannula is attached to the tip of the small syringe. It’s used fot injection of fat. Using smaller injector helps to transfer fat to butt area more sensitively and successfuly. The fat harvested by liposuction is injected into the targeted area (buttocks).

Incisions are closed with sutures. The reason of that is preventing fat from extruding from the buttocks. The fiber-stitched sutures allow an incision to be sutured together with the skin edges. This helps to prevent stitch marks. İf surgeon approves, steri-strips may be placed on the cuts.

Steri-strips may be explained as small tape pieces. However, they are the types of tape that cling to human skin better than the tape.

After Surgery

Although patients generally return to their daily lives within 1 to 2 weeks, it takes approximately 2 months for the swelling to recover and the tissues to fully heal. Fast-paced physical movements or heavy exercises are not allowed for more than 2 months.(It can vary depending on body structure of the patient.)

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