Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

As with other cosmetic surgery operations, you need to take extra care of the area and body after the surgery. You should not take a shower for 3 days after the operation and you should not be submerged for a long period of time between 4-6 weeks depending on the healing process. If you interested in water sports, you should be very careful. You can’t use your buttocks for sitting during 2 weeks after the surgery. Therefore, a special protective corset can be used. (Depending on surgeon approval and patient demand) The healing process is critical during the first 2 weeks. Therefore, it is better for you to wait at least 1 week to return to work. Moreover, you should lie on your stomach or on your side until the area is completely healed.

After the surgery, your butts may swell excessively for several weeks. This is normal and expected situation. The effects of the surgery may last for months, even years. It should take approximately 6 months after the operation to see the clearest and lasting effects of the procedure. In fat injection operations, reserve process should be performed after fat loss to make the operation more permanent in the area. In this way, the effects of surgery are made persistent. Lastly, Patients should be extra careful in the first 2 months when using the butt area. In the next period, the recovery will be much faster.

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