Breast Reduction Surgery Uncovered

So long simple, dull coloured bras, hello floral, lace patterned, sexy and fun bras!

It is a common fact that women with curly hair want straight hair and vice versa. This is the same issue with breast, women with small breast sizes want bigger breasts and women with bigger breasts want smaller breasts. Personally I am on the latter team! 🙂 I usually do feel like my breasts are big and prevent me to wear what I want and how I want. Big breasts are kind of a disadvantage for me…. in the sense of back pain and aesthetical issues as well…

I always tend to wear shirts with a V neck honesty I am fed up… because generally other type of most tops make me look fat. Having saggy breasts is one thing and having big and saggy breasts is something other…

I always have to wear minimizers and all my bras are either nude or black colour, nothing really to make me feel sexy. I do want to wear sexy lingerie but I can never find the right size or cup for me
when I go out of my comfort zone when it comes to bras…

I believe many women have the same complaints mentioned above… And of course there is a solution… BREAST REDUCTION!

First you will go through a detailed consultation with your plastic surgeon, you both will decide together the shape and the appropriate size for your needs. Marking will also be performed by your plastic surgeon before the surgery. Your surgeon might request a mammogram from you.

Once excess breast tissue is removed, the breast size decreases and weight from your bust is gone! The areola and the nipple shall be repositioned. Now, for breast reduction generally anchor type scar technique is preferred, areolar scar or lollipop scar techniques can be performed as well, but very specific type of patients are good candidate for these type of scars. That’s why, generally for breast reduction surgeries, anchor scar technique is preferred, because the other type of scars would not be enough to reduce and lift the breasts.

This scar tissue generally starts to fade away from 8th post op month, of course it does not disappear but becomes a lot lot less visible over time.

Often patients confuse breast lift and reduction, but in reduction surgery, you will be getting a breast lift by default.

If your breast size is very big, breastfeeding post surgery might be difficult, so this depends from patient to patient, please consult this to your surgeon during your consultation.

If you are travelling abroad to Turkey for breast reduction surgery, you should stay 8 days after the procedure and you should wear the corset bra given to you for 3 weeks after the first post op

During your stay in Istanbul, you will have several checks post operation which involves changingn dressing and wiping the area. After you go back home, doctor can recommend mositruzing ointments as well if needed.

This surgery is not very painful, however it will become more traumatic when combined with tummy tuck of course. The first few days can be a bit painful and breasts shall feel tender but until
the end of the week, you can go back to your daily life, except lifting heavy things of course.

Let’s not forget that, keeping an healthy lifestyle is very important after surgery, if you gain weight, breast size can become bigger.

Due to Covid(Corona virus), you would need to have the covid test done 2 days before the surgery.

Once the 3 weeks is completed, hello smaller, colorful bras!

Wish me luck in my breast reduction surgery in 6 months! I am super excited!

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