Is Bichectomy (Buccal fat removal) a non surgical procedure? What is Bichectomy? (Buccal fat removal)

Is bichectomy a non surgical procedure? What is bichectomy?

No, bichectomy (buccal fat removal) is a surgical procedure. But, this is a quick procedure which can be performed in the clinic under local anesthesia, just like if you went to a dentist. This surgical procedure is a very minor one compared to a rhinoplasty surgery.

How is bichectomy surgery performed?

The surgeon makes a small stab incision inside the mouth and removes a part of the fat pad positioned in the cheeks. This creates a dent in the cheeks, which helps the face look more defined and feminine. Not all of the fat pad is removed, if that’s the case then, in the long term, the lower part of the face would sag and the patient would require a lower face and neck lift.

How much is a bichectomy surgery? Bichectomy Price – Bichectomy Cost

The buccal fat removal (bichectomy) procedure costs 975 EUR to 700 EUR in our clinic. This procedure will be performed in the clinic under local anesthesia. Click this link(buraya whatsapp butonu linki) to contact.

Bichectomy Recovery

The recovery of the bichectomy surgery is not very long. Your face will be swelled in the first 2 weeks. From the 3rd week on, you will start to see results. It is very important to use the given mouth wash for the first 3 days in order to keep the mouth clean from getting infected.

Bichectomy Gone Wrong – Bichectomy Risks

The only possible way to bichectomy procedure to go wrong is about how much CC of fat was removed. If too much amount of fat is removed in order to achieve drastic changes then in the longer term, a lower facelift might be needed because the cheeks can sag. The fat pad being removed is the support system of the cheeks so when too much is removed, the cheeks loose the support and become loose. So, it is of high importance to decide how much fat will be removed.

Bichectomy Before&Afters – Bichectomy Results

Here below you can see the before&after results and the healing process photos of the bichectomy:

Can bichectomy procedure be performed on men? Male Bichectomy

Yes, bichectomy surgery can be performed both on male and female patients. This helps the face to look more feminine, that is why mostly women prefer this procedure. But, if you are male and have heavy cheeks, then this is the right procedure for you. This surgery serves both male and females, you should contact your surgeon to see if you are a good candidate for the procedure first.

Bichectomy Celebrities Before&Afters

Is Bichectomy and Buccal Fat removal the same surgery?

Yes, both are the same procedures, in both, the fat pad is removed from inside the cheeks to create a dented look.

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