Rhinoplasty Cost (Package) in Turkey

Rhinoplasty surgery is becoming more and more popular everyday. Each year more patients are  traveling for plastic surgery operations. Having a rhinoplasty in Turkey has many advantages. First  of all, it costs way less compared to Europe, The U.S, Canada and Australia. Another advantage  is that, the surgeons in Turkey are highly qualified. Most plastic surgeons in Turkey are European  board certified. The biggest plastic surgery meetings trainings are generally done in Turkey. This  is a great example why health tourism has a high demand for Turkey.  

Turkey has proven its expertise over the years. The surgeons’ skills, experience and the quality of  the hospitals are over the top. And, this really attracts patients from all over the globe.  

Each year, at least 50,000 patients travel to Turkey for rhinoplasty surgery. And there are a few  different reasons behind why Turkey has become a popular spot for medical tourism. First of all,  the currency has a big effect on prices. Turkish lira is very low compared to Euro, GBP and USD.  When you convert Euro to Turkish lira, it doubles the amount. This affects the costs in the  operating theatre and equipment etc. Therefore, the rhinoplasty prices in Turkey become more  and more competitive each day.  

Another aspect is that, living is also cheaper in Turkey compared to Europe or western countries.  As living costs less, the salaries of medical professionals cost less as well. The hospital charges  are lower too. If you are seeking to have a rhinoplasty surgery, Turkey is definetly a great choice to  consider. 

We mostly spoke about the lower prices in Turkey when it comes to rhinoplasty surgery. But, one  should also note the fact that the quality is also top-notch. The number of skilled surgeons in  Turkey are increasing day by day. This is due to the experience they have in rhinoplasty surgery. A  reason for that is, most Turkish patients nasal structure is defected. Most Turkish noses either  have a hump or an underdefined tip, or a hanging tip. This helped Turkish plastic surgeons to gain  experience in the field of rhinoplasty specifically. The more demand they recieved, the more  experience they got over the past 20 years.  

When the plastic surgery field boomed, patients at first came to Turkey for affordable prices but  over the years Turkey has proven its expertise by its skilled and experienced surgeons attracting  patients from all over the world. It sounds nice to find an affordable rhinoplasty clinic in Turkey but  make sure to do a proper research and find a reputable clinic in Turkey for your rhinoplasty  surgery. You should really look into your choices carefully as there are many many options. You  should consider these while chosing your clinic; 

  • The accreditation of the surgeon 
  • The hospital where your clinic is operating you 
  • The success rate of your surgeon 
  • Is your rhinoplasty surgeon European-board certified? 
  • How is the after care process in the clinic you chose? 

Rhinoplasty in Turkey Prices: So, How Much Does It Cost to Have a Rhinoplasty in Turkey?


The rhinoplasty costs in Turkey generally varies from 3000 Euros to 7000 Euros depending on the  severity of the case. If this is a primary case, the prices can be lower. There are many different  hospitals in Turkey where the rhinoplasty surgery can take place. The prices in each hospital and  each clinic differs. The techniques used on each specific patient can be different; meaning if the  case is more advanced, the price of rhinoplasty in Turkey can be more. 

Here below are the reasons for the variety of the cost of rhinoplasty surgery in Turkey; 

  • The clinic you chose to proceed with(experience, skills, creditations) 
  • The quality of the hospital your clinic works with 
  • The technological devices to be used 
  • The severity of the case 
  • The success rate of the clinic you chose
  • The technique performed on your specific rhinoplasty case 

In our clinic, the rhinoplasty cost starts from 4250 Euros. Dr. Metin Kerem is a 20 year  experienced European board certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Metin Kerem works with fully equipped  private hospitals.  

Rhinoplasty Surgery Costs Worldwide

  • The U.S- costs around 8500 USD. 
  • The U.K- costs around 7000 GBP. 
  • Canada- costs around 15000 CAD. 
  • Germany- costs around 8000 Euros. 
  • France- costs around 8500 Euros. 
  • The Netherlands- costs around 9000 Euros. 
  • Spain- costs around 7500 Euros. 
  • Australia- costs around 9500 AUD. 

The Reason You Should Have Your Rhinoplasty Surgery in Turkey  

  • The High Quality Standards Worldwide  
  • World Renowned Plastic Surgeons  
  • High Quality Service for Affordable Prices  
  • Package Prices-Touristic Activities  

Rhinoplasty in Turkey Cost: How to Choose The Best Rhinoplasty Clinic in Turkey

  • Doing a careful research on the surgeon you choose to proceed with is the key.  
  • You should also make sure to have a transparent conversation with your surgeon. You should  speak about your desires clearly and the surgeon should be open about what be achieved.  
  • Study the qualifications of the surgeon. For example, Dr. Metin Kerem is a European board  certified plastic surgeon.  
  • Find out about the expertise of your plastic surgeon, does he/she perform more facial plastic  surgery operations or body surgeries?  

Rhinoplasty in Turkey Cost: Package Prices

Dr. Metin Kerem’s rhinoplasty Turkey package price is 5120 Euros. This price includes:  

  • 10 nights of hotel stay  
  • IST airport pick up&drop off 
  • 1 night of hospital stay (Acibadem Taksim Hospital)  
  • Transfer in between clinic-hospital-hotel  
  • Consultation&follow up checks&assistance  
  • Surgery including all medical expenses; anesthesia, medication, tests  

Rhinoplasty in Turkey: Techniques  

In our clinic, Dr. Metin Kerem generally prefers to perform a closed preservation rhinoplasty  technique when it comes to primary cases. In revision cases, open technique might be needed.  The closed preservation rhinoplasty surgery technique helps minimizing the trauma caused to the  nose. This fastens the recovery process. The advantages of closed preservation rhinoplasty  technique are:

  • Less swelling 
  • Faster recovery 
  • No scars on the outer part of the nose 

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