Rhinoplasty Istanbul

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is mostly performed to provide better breathing functions of the nose or to improve the physical appearance of the nose according to the demands of the patients. As much as a natural rhinoplasty surgery can be carried out in the UK, it is a very popular procedure in Turkey whom has proven its success all over the globe, plus rhinoplasty in Istanbul is also known for its budget prices.

Although rhinoplasty is a well known and common operation, one should never forget that there are a lot of different nose types and structures. There is no standart rhinoplasty technique, this is planned uniquely to each patient. The operation has to be performed specifically according to the nasal structures of each specific patient’s anatomy. This means, the surgeon is required to be sufficient enough to interfere with all different types of cases and he/she needs to have enough experience and ability to provide a sucessful outcome. Once the operation is finished, it is expected to end up with a more proportionized nose according to each unique face.
To summarize, nose is one of the most important parts of the body as it is at the centre of the face. All in all, rhinoplasty is an operation that treats nasal functions to be better and healthier. Allthough many different techniques can be used, the main goal is the same. In both external and endonasal (closed) rhinoplasty, the patients should leave Istanbul feeling happy and thankful.

Rhinoplasty Techniques:

Rhinoplasty is an operation usually performed under general anesthesia. In Rhinoplasty, the technique can be different according to the expectations of patients and their nasal structures. The nasal anatomy of patients around the world can be categorized according to their ethnic differences. Also, physiological conditions, desires of patients and surgeon’s point of view will affect the technique that will be performed. At end of the day, it all comes down to the surgeon’s decision.
The humans have diverse nasal structures that are classified as:

The Greek Nose
The Celestial Nose
The African Nose
The Snub Nose
The Roman Nose
The Hawk Nose etc.

As generally known, even though these categories are form due to the difference in ethnicity, we cannot forget the fact that there are also cases where the nasal structures are damaged or deformed by external factors.
Without surgeon’s approval or examination, one cannot choose for him or herself the technique that would be applied. In Rhinoplasty Istanbul, the surgeons are the ones who can make the decision about the patient’s nasal anatomy and the rhinoplasty techniques most idealized for one’s specific case by taking into consideration one’s personal desires.
There are well known 2 main techniques in Rhinoplasty applications:

External Rhinoplasty Technique (Open Rhinoplasty)
Endonasal Rhinoplasty Technique (Closed Rhinoplasty)
Both these techniques can be performed during Rhinoplasty. However, it also depends on the experience and surgical knowledge of the doctor. The consequences and recovery processes of both are different from each other.

External Rhinoplasty Technique:

External technique is performed by a small incision applied in between the two nostrils. The derma of this area is removed and then the aesthetic operation is performed. The part of cutis between two nostrils is called “Columella “. The incision separates the nostrils from each other through Columella. The size of it is really small but it certainly requires general anesthesia. If a secondary operation is required or nasal deformity is still severe, external rhinoplasty is more convenient for patients. After external (opened) rhinoplasty, the recovery process may be longer than the endonasal (closed) rhinoplasty.

Endonasal (Closed) Rhinoplasty Technique:

Endonasal technique is performed through incisions that are made inside the nose. The is the most visible difference in betweent the two techniques. Examining septum and the other nasal areas of the nose is more difficult in endonasal rhinoplasty. However, physical appearance during the healing process generally makes the patient happier than the open rhinoplasty technique(external rhinoplasty), because it leads to less swelling and bruising. Having no columellar deformation, faster recovery and, performing limited ( generally very little ) dissection are advantages of this technique. On the other hand, if the secondary operation is needed, endonasal technique can not be performed to the patient. In this situation, external rhinoplasty will have to be preferred. Moreover, the technique is a bit more complicated than the other one and experience level of the doctor is really important factor while performing endonasal rhinoplasty. Because as this is a closed technique, the surgeon cannot see the whole nose from all aspects.

Splint Removal – Rhinoplasty in Istanbul

After rhinoplasty, if inner splints are used for your case, the splints may be kept inside the nose for 3 – 7 days after the operation. Some patients, who have a sensitive and a complicated nasal structure, really need it after the operation to prevent bleeding and protecting the new structure of the nose. It also contributes to breathing. Especially, most surgeons prefer to use perforated silicon splint. It will be removed by the surgeon 3 – 7 days post surgery. The process may vary depending on the nasal structures of the patients.
While waiting for removal of the splint, you can do some sightseeing around Istanbul. Walking through the seaside can be helpful for the healing process.

Stitches – Rhinoplasty In Istanbul

As we all know, rhinoplasty can be performed by 2 main techniques. These techniques are called Endonasal Rhinoplasty (Closed Rhinoplasty) and External Rhinoplasty(Open Rhinoplasty). During external technique, the cutis area between two nostrils is removed by small incision. It requires a few little stitches. The surgeon can use normal stitches or dissolvable stitches during the process. If the normal stitches are used in rhinoplasty operation, they will be removed 1 – 2 weeks after the operation. If dissolvable stitches are used, they will disappear 14 – 21 days after rhinoplasty. Under the conditions of both terms, you don’t really need to see the surgeon. You can enjoy the Istanbul, visit historical places, try traditional couisine, meet Turkish people and walk along the seaside. The only thing you need to pay attention is that the stitches should be kept dry.

Operation Time – Rhinoplasty In Istanbul

Rhinoplasty operation mostly lasts around 2-3 hours by depending on the technique is used and the anatomy of the patients. It is an operation performed through general anesthesia. In Istanbul, the rhinoplasty operations are performed in hospitals or clinics of superior quality. That’s why, even though the recovery process may lasts longer time, the operation time is not that long.

Recovery Process In Short Term – Rhinoplasty In Istanbul

The best perk of the recovery process in the short period of time is absolutely staying in Istanbul. The patients are generally discharged on the next day. You will need to stay in Istanbul for 7 nights after the rhinoplaty surgery.
A hiloterapy mask is applied during 3 – 4 hours after the operation. The main reason of it is to reduce swelling, bruising and pain. In the first day after the operation, the patients can have a headache. Cold compresses and painkillers can be helpful. The patients should sleep using double pillows and they should keep their heads elevated. It is really important for the healing of swelling and breathing properly. After a few days of the operation, the patients can have a shower. However, they should not wet the splint on the nose. At the end of a week, the splint will be removed by the surgeon.
During the recovery process, you need to have a rest for a few days. Then, you can start enjoying the city.

Recovery Process In Long Term – Rhinoplasty In Istanbul

The nasal blockage can continue to occur for few months after the operation. If the nasal flesh and the deviated septum are interfered during the rhinoplasty, this situation is normal. Generally, the patients who had the problem of difficulty in breathing before the rhinoplasty may have nasal blockage during recovery process in the long term. They can start wearing eye – glasses 1 – 1,5 months after the operation. If the patients like swimming, it requires for them to wait for 2 months after the operation. Taking its permanent and general shape will start to be shown about 1 month post rhinoplasty surgery. It may take 8 – 12 months to achieve its completed shape. The processes can vary depending on the nasal structure and the technique used in the operation.

Why should the patients prefer Istanbul for Rhinoplasty?

In today’s world, rhinoplasty and other surgical operations can be performed all around the world. However, the conditions and advantages completely vary from eachother. There are 2 important things that needs to be taken into considerayion for having a good rhinoplasty operation and nasal structure :
If you want to have convenient and succesful results, you need to make a decision carefully about the location and the doctor. As well known, the surgical abilities and the experience of the doctor is the main factor of the rhinoplasty technique to be applied. Secondly, the location plays a big role for rhinoplasty and other surgical operations, and this affects the cost of rhinoplasty, the geographical and weather conditions of the location, nutrition and the psychological factors.
The Cost Of Rhinoplasty In Istanbul :
The cost of rhinoplasty in Istanbul is ranges from 3000 – 5500 US dollars. There are lots of different factors that affect the cost. That’s why there is a broad range between the minimum and the maximum cost. These conditions are :
The number of days that you stay in the hospital
Blood and other required tests
The operation materials
The surgeon’s fee
The Rhinoplasty technique
The nasal structure of the patient

If the patients want to have a rhinoplasty operation under both economical and superior-quality conditions, Istanbul can be one of the best choices. First of all, the costs are affordable when it is compared with other cities / countries. At the same time, the patients do not have to spend lots of money for other main and extra expenses because nowadays, 1 dollar is equal to more than 6 Turkish liras. So, if you want to eat some traditional food of Turkey after the operation, you can eat the most famous dishes with 3 – 4 dollars. Moreover, if somebody goes abroad, accommodation is one of the biggest problems in the foreign countries. In Istanbul, there are plenty of famous historical and modern hotels. You can watch the unique and breathtaking scenery of Istanbul and the sea from your room when you get up. If you like historical and ancient places, you can stay in historical and middle – aged hotels. You can easily find the hotels that are really close your hospital or the clinic. The accommodation expenses are also affordable than the other countries.

Even though Istanbul is not a capital city of Turkey, it is the most known city in Turkey because of the cultural and historical places from Ottoman Empire, being multi – cultural country, its jeopolitical conditions. The city still has the residues and memories of Ancient Rome, Byzantium Empire and Ottoman Empire. It is a city that connects Asia and Europe and that’s why it is easy to meet people from different countries and cultures. If you plan to do some sightseeing during your recovery process, you can have amazing time and unforgettable memories there. However, it’s good to have a travel – visit plan of Istanbul because there are lots of places what you can to visit and to see. Their costs are incredibly cheap because of dolar exchange rate against Turkish Lira. Museums, mosques, churchs, bridges, beachs, famous and traditional restaurants, squares, Taksim, Beyoglu, Istiklal and more… Istanbul has to be in the list of “ Must- See Cities “
As a summary of the cost of rhinoplasty in Istanbul, the comparison between London and Istanbul presents being operated in Istanbul is more adventegous. While, the cost (total charges) in Istanbul / Turkey is ranged from 2500 – 3500 dollars, on the other hand, the cost (total charges) in London / the UK is ranged from 4500 – 6500 sterling. Also, sterling is more valuable than dolar and it means your expenses will be much more higher in London.
Touristic Places in Istanbul :
In Istanbul, the patients can find both modern and historical structures, architectures, places, castles, bridges, unique towers and more… There is a list includes the most famous places in Istanbul below :
Hagia Sophia : It is one of the most important historical artifacts of the world. Although it built as a church by Byzantins, it converted into a mosque by Ottomans. From 1934, it is used as a famous museum.
Topkapi Palace : Topkapi Palace is placed in Sarayburnu and it’s known as one of the most important historical artifacts from Ottoman Empire. It used as the administrative centre of the empire during 400 years and it built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet.
Grand Bazaar : It’s called “ Kapalı Çarşı “ in Turkish. It is one of the most touristic places of the world. Also, It is one of the first malls of the world. It also built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. There are lots of stores above 4.000 and thousands of tourists visit them everyday.
Galata Tower : Galata tower is one of the oldest towers of the world. It built by Byzantium Emperior Anastasius in 528 and there are some legends about the tower. It is also one of the most touristic places of the Istanbul.
Maiden’s Tower :
It is placed in Salacak Coast in Uskudar. It built in Ancient Rome age and it is still one of the most interested places of the world. There are lots of stories about the tower. Nowadays, it’s used as museum and restaurant.
Rumeli Fortress :
It is placed in Sarıyer / Istanbul. It built to prevent attacks in front of the strait in 1452 by Fatih Sultan Mehmet. In today’s Istanbul, it is used as museum and open – air theather.
As well known, Istanbul is used as the centre and capital of countries, empires and nations.
Transportation In Istanbul :
There are numerous transportation alternatives in Istanbul. Tourists can go to their hotels by taxi or rental car. Uber is forbidden in Turkey from 2018, that’s why you can’t any Uber systems in Istanbul. However, the taxis are really cheap and you can use it for transportation in the city between hotel – hospital – touristic places. Generally, the traffic can be heavy because Istanbul is the most crowded city of Turkey. However, there are lots of restaurants, night clubs, cafes etc.
Traditional and Local Food Of Istanbul :
After rhinoplasty operation, it is important to stay healthy. In Istanbul, there are a lot of place where you can eat healthy. Moreover, the traditional and local food of Turkey are really common all around Turkey. and Istanbul, so you should definetly try Types of Kebab, Doner, Baklava etc. Thousands of tourists visit Istanbul everyday, the patients can find both local and global food.


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