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Burak Alhan, MD

Burak Alhan, MD

Burak Alhan, M.D., was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1980. After graduating from Trabzon Anatolian High School, he started his medical education at Gazi University Faculty of Medicine in 1998. After completing his six year medical education in 2004. Personal Experience He began his plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery training the following year at Ankara Numune Research & Training Hospital.…

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Metin Kerem, MD

Metin Kerem, MD

Personal Experience Metin Kerem MD was born in Ankara, Turkey, in 1977. After graduating from Ankara Çankaya Milli Piyango High School, he started his medical training at Gazi University, Faculty of Medicine, in 1995. He was graduated from medical faculty in 2001, and started his plastic surgery residency period at Ankara Numune Research and Training Hospital, Department of Plastic, Reconstructive…

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Dr. Metin Kerem Packages
Breast Reduction Only Starting From:
5770 €
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5770 €
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5770 €
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Breast Implant&Lift Starting From:
6510 €
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9570 €
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MeLift Offer
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Rhinoplasty Offer
5120 €
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Endoscopic Cat Eyes (Upper Face Lifting Combination)
3920 €
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Tummy Tuck Offer
8140 €
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Dr. Burak Alhan Packages
Breast Reduction Only Starting From:
4370 €
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Breast Lift Only Starting From:
4370 €
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Breast Implant Only Starting From:
4370 €
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Breast Implant&Lift Starting From:
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Rhinoplasty Offer
3870 €
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Everything you need to know about rhinoplasty is below, we try to give out honest answers to HOT NOSEJOB QUESTIONS!

Why is nose surgery called Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty word comes from ‘Rhis’ (means nose in Ancient Greek) and ‘Plassein’ (means to shape in Ancient Greek), the rhinoplasty surgery is commonly known as nose job.

What’s rhinoplasty surgery?

Rhinoplasty is a type of plastic surgery where the nasal defortmities are corrected and reconstructured. This surgery includes changin the form and function of the nose. Rhinoplasty surgery could be either for cosmetic or reconstructional reasons(due to trauma).

Who invented rhinoplasty?

Although there is no specific source, it seems like it was first mentioned by Edwin Smith Papyrus (an Egyptian medical text) which dates back 3000 BCE. The rhinoplasty phrase can be seen throughout whole history, for example Joseph Constantine Carpue who lived from 1764 to 1846 has a publication of 2 different descriptions of rhinoplasty/nose surgery.

Q&A about Rhinoplasty

Can Rhinoplasty make nose smaller?

Rhinoplasty can make your nose smaller, because it aims to remove the hump over the nose and lift the tip. However, if you have an ethnic nose which means a bulbous overall nasal shape (this is named as thick skin nose), what can be done is limited. Imagine the nasal skin over the nose as a thick blanket, when the blanket thick, the changes that are made underneath will not be visibly seen like if the blanket was thinner. This is an anatomical problem and we cannot forget the fact that rhinoplasty cannot cut the skin over the nose. The rhinoplasty surgery only addresses to the bones and cartilages on the nose.

Are rhinoplasty results permanent?

Yes, the results are permanent, unless you are having nose fillers performed, which is a non invasive treatment. Although in the first few months, the nose sits a bit more upturned and once more time passes, it settles in its place, also the swelling over nose wears off in time. This means you start to see the definition of your nose in time.

Is rhinoplasty painful?

It depends from case to case, if less work is done, it is less painful. Of course you will be on painkiller medication from day 1 but you can still feel the pain in some cases, in closed preservation rhinoplasty technique, the nose recieves less trauma, this also helps easing the pain.

What’s the most annoying part of getting a nose job?

The breathing issue in the first days would probably be the most difficult part, although the packing (inner splints) have air canals in them, the inside of the nose gets swelled in the first days, this leads to compressing the nose and this pressure effects breathing negatively. Once the inner splints are removed on the 3rd post op date, it will get easier to breathe, this situation is temporary.

Will rhinoplasty change my smile?

Rhinoplasty surgery deals with the nose only, it does not effect your smile. In the first weeks post surgery, your face and nose is swelled, but this is also temporary.

Will rhinoplasty scar go away?

It will fade away in time, but it will not completely disappear unless it is a closed rhinoplasty technique. In closed technique, there will not be any scars outside of your nose. Scarring is only possible through open rhinoplasty technique.

When can I sleep on my side after rhinoplasty surgery?

One month post rhinoplasty surgery, you can sleep on your side.

When does rhinoplasty swelling go down?

The first week you will be swelled, but after the 7th post op date, you will have a good amount of decrease in facial swelling. But the nasal swelling will continue to be visible, it settles in time and the final result is in after 12 months and you can see the definition of your nose getting better from 1 to 3 months and also from 3 to 6 months. The improvement slows down from 6th to 12th month.

Where are rhinoplasty stitches located?

The only visible stiches rhinoplasty out of the nose are only seen in open rhinoplasty technique in nose surgery. The stiches are located on the nose collumella.

Can rhinoplasty make nostrils smaller?

Rhinoplasty surgery can make the nostrils smaller via nostril reduction. A small incision is created inside the base of the nose a very small excess part is removed and this is how the look of flared nostrils are corrected.

In which country is rhinoplasty cheap? Rhinoplasty Turkey Prices

Medical tourism has become very popular within UK and Europe, simply because it is expensive to have surgery in the UK, Sweden etc… So, patients are tending to be operated in cheaper countries like Turkey, another detail here is that Turkish healthcare is very reputable, most hospitals are private and doctors recieve a very extensive medical training. In Turkey, rhinoplasty surgery prices vary from 2000 Euros to 5000 Euros depending on the case and the exten of the surgery. If you would like to recieve information about prices, please fill in the contact form below.

Would wearing a mask make the tip of the nose droop?

If the mask is worn properly, of course it does not affect the shape of the nose. While wearing the mask, you should try not to put pressure on the side of the nasal wall. The wire of the mask should press the brigde of the nose harshly.

Do I end up with oily skin after rhinoplasty?

As the nose will be under a cast and taping for 1 week, this would create oily skin issue over the nose as the nose skin would not be able to breathe during that period of time. But once the cast is removed, the surgeon will be cleaning the nose. Plus, what we do is that, we perform a facial 1 day before the surgery, this helps the nose skin to tolerate being under a cast for 1 week. The patient can start applying peeling cream or masks 1 month post surgery as a skin care routine.

How long after can I wear make up after rhinoplasty?

You can wear make up 7 days after surgery. Because your nose would be covered with a cast and taping, so it would be best to wait until the cast is removed.

When can I fly back home after rhinoplasty?

For example, you have travelled from the UK to Turkey to have your nose corrected. You can fly back home 7 days after the surgery.

When can I have shower after rhinoplasty?

You can have shower even one day after the surgery, if you do not wet your nose. If that does not really seem possible, you can have your hair washed during the first week and once the cast is out, you can take a normal shower. 🙂

When can I start exercising after rhinoplasty?

2 weeks post rhinoplasty surgery, you can start cardio exercises or swimming and from 3 weeks onwards, you can start fitness, pilates and yoga exercises slowly. During the first 2 weeks of the healing period(acute stage), it would be best if you take it slow. It would be best to start slow and pace your way up step by step. As the nose is still tender, it is important to take it slow. Stay away from contact sports for around 3 months.

How long after rhinoplasty can I wear glasses?

You can start wearing glasses 2 months post surgery. The glasses might put pressure on the nose and we would not want that.

Do I need to avoid sun exposure after rhinoplasty?

Being exposed to sun is not the issue here, you can go out after rhinoplasty. However, the sun light has a destructive effect on skin. Therefore, even if you had rhinoplasty performed or not, you should always put on sunscreen everyday. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists always recommend their patients to put on sunscreen in order to prevent damage from sun lights and discoloration on the skin.

When can I sleep on my side after rhinoplasty?

2 weeks post rhinoplasty surgery, you can sleep on your side.

Do I need to stop using vitamins before rhinoplasty surgery?

Vitamins generally include more than 1 component and those components mostly have a complex compound, also most vitamins have tendency to bleed. That is why, it is always recommended to stop taking any vitamins 10 days before the surgery.

Does taking arnica pills before rhinoplasty surgery help reducing the swelling?

No, it does not. Arnica is a blood thinner, that is why we do not want our patients to take it before or after the surgery, because it leads to excessive bleeding during surgery. As it increases bleeding, it increases swelling and bruising too!

Even though closed rhinoplasty is performed, do I get lots of swelling?

Any rhinoplasty technique will lead to swelling to some extent but both clinical evidence and our own experiences show that closed rhinoplasty cases tend to swell and bruise less than the open one.

What is Piezo Rhinoplasty? What technique do you use?

Piezo is not the name of a technique, it is the name of a device used in rhinoplasty surgery. In modern rhinoplasty concept, almost every plastic surgeon has such a device in their armamentarium. Usage of such devices has been increasing, however it should not be branded like it is the most advanced newest rhinoplasty surgery technique. This device might need to be used on some patients but it does not mean that this is mandatory for all patients.

How is rhinoplasty done?

Open vs Closed Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is performed generally under two techniques, one is open rhinoplasty and the other is closed rhinoplasty technique. In the open technique, there is small incision in the columella area and in the closed technique, there are no scars or incisions on the outside of the nose. Both technique address to the tip, bones and cartilages of the nose. Through rhinoplasty, the tip of your nose can be lifted and be defined. The hump on your nose can be removed, the bridge of your nose can be narrowed. Open rhinoplasty technique is mostly preferred on revision cases in order to increase the success rate of the secondary surgery and closed technique is generally performed on primary rhinoplasty cases. Closed preservation rhinoplasty technique tends to cause less swelling and bruising and no outside scarring is seen.

What can be performed in a rhinoplasty surgery?

Rhinoplasty to straighten nose

If you have a hump over your nose rhinoplasty helps removing it.

Rhinoplasty with tip

If your tip is hanging downwards, upward tip rotation shall be performed on your nose.

Rhinoplasty and chin implant

If your chin is positioned a bit behind, in order to achieve a complete projection of face, combining rhinoplasty and chin implant will enhance the overall beauty of your face. This way, your facial features will look more proportioned.

Rhinoplasty vs Septoplasty

Septoplasty surgery is generally performed through closed rhinoplasty technique. Septoplasty generally refers to the functions of the nose however, rhinoplasty surgery covers functions and the appereance of the nose together. In septoplasty procedure, improvement of breathing can be performed. If your nose is tilted to one side, you are probably not being able to breathe properly, septoplasty helps moving your axis to the midline.

But for example, in a rhinoplasty surgery, axis correction (septoplasty) shall be performed, together with hump removal, this means in this case, both rhinoplasty and septoplasty surgery is combined.

Septoplasty generally aims to make very small changes on the appereance of nose but rhinoplasty aims to change the shape of the nose in the most natural way possible, unless you are looking to have a ski slope/barbie nose look. For online consultation and simulation to see what would suit your face, please attach your photo from side aspect and fill the form below:


I don’t want to have rhinoplasty under general anesthesia, I want to have it under local anesthesia.

%99 of the time the rhinoplasty surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Please do not be afraid, because going under general anesthesia is safe and its risks and complications are mostly very rare. Performing rhinoplasty under local anesthesia is very very traumatic experience for the patient. There is a reason why this surgery is performed under general anesthesia generally, it can be performed under local anesthesia unless it is a very very minor procedure.

I just want my bump removed, nothing else to be changed. It is just a minor procedure.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most extensive procedures of all times (considering the detailed work performed inside the nose.) Only the surgeon is the expert here and the surgeon should decide what would suit your face or not. Because sometimes when only the hump is removed from the nose, the tip might look way bigger than before. As when you fix one issue on the nose, the other area might start to get all the attention. The nose itself should be considered as a whole. The nose as a whole should be harmonious with the whole face and only your plastic surgeon can see the big picture and decide on your specific case. If your plastic surgeon has an eye for detail and understands the harmony between all units of the face, then you are in safe hands.

I want my nose to look like Kim Kardashian’s.

Every face and every case is different. Each patient’s face is unique. What looks good on your wish picture might not look good on you. One size does not fit all! Your nose should be in harmony with your own facial features. Maybe Kim Kardashian’s nose will be too small or too big for your facial features… Your own specific case should be discussed with your surgeon in detail. Your surgeon will listen to your concerns and guide you on what needs to be done. You should keep your expectations real. It is also very important to find a surgeon who will be honest with you. If a surgeon is telling you; let’s do Kim Kardashian’s nose for you, you should leave their office ASAP! 🙂

Rhinoplasty surgery is covered by insurance.

Rhinoplasty surgery for cosmetic reasons are not covered by insurance. If you have a breathing deformity, maybe NHS can accept your application.

Rhinoplasty results look fake

There are cases that can end up to look not so natural. If the tip of the nose becomes over defined and turned upward more than the proper level than it should be. These issues were mostly encountered in the past. But in the recent techniques that are being applied, the concept has been altered and most surgeons prefer to proceed with natural results. The meaning of a good rhinoplasty nowadays means, a good functioning and a natural looking nose which is harmonious with the rest of the units of the face.

Tips about rhinoplasty: What to expect

You need to keep your expectations real, what the surgeon can work with is what he/she has, so we cannot expect a complete makeover from the results. Speak to your doctor, let him/her guide you. Ask for their honest comments!

Do your research well. Go on board certification websites like American Plastic Surgery Society or International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery or Global Clinic Rating. There are plently of legit websites where you can check your surgeon’s credentials.

Try to see your doctor before travelling, ask his/her assistant to arrange a video consultation.

Ask about your desires and expect honest answers. If your surgeon is nodding to all your desires, there is a pretty high chance that he/she is actually not really listening to you.

Do not try to push your surgeon to something that does not sound realistic. If the surgeon is not agreeing with you to achieve that type of result you are expecting, that means it will not fit your face or that is not possible with your nasal anatomy. If the surgeon is suggesting that type of result will not be achieved, you probably will not achieve that result even if you refer to other doctors.

Give yourself time during the healing process, you will not see the final result right away. Your nose recieved trauma, it needs time to heal, your nose will be swelled and the definition will come in the long term. Try to be patient, your results will not look perfect the minute your cast has been removed. Results will take time.

Stop smoking and drinking as early as possible. Drinking and smoking will delay the healing period and wound healing. Nicotine can restrict blood flow.

No surgeon is perfect and no result is perfect. Of course, the perspective of beauty depends from patient to patient. Talk to your surgeon openly about your desires. They will tell you what can actually be achieved. Do not look for the perfect result, surgeons are not robots, milimetric differences will always be encountered.

Even if the surgeon has great surgical skills and experience, no surgery can guarantee a great outcome, this also is dependent on your skin, cartilage and tissue quality.

Thick skin rhinoplasty patients should keep their expectations low. The rhinoplasty surgery only addresses to the nasal cartilages and bone structure. The nasal skin cannot be cut off via rhinoplasty, that thick skin coverage will always be there, even there has been many work done on the cartilages and bones. Your nose might not look as defined as you wish it to be and might still look bulbous.

A good rhinoplasty result comes down to having a naturally nicely positioned, proportioned nose with a strong, healthy cartilage structure that breathes well and looks natural.

Try not to blow your nose often. If you would need to do it, try to do it gently. The nasal spray given from the 3rd post op date will help removing the blockage and cleaning the area.

Do not look in the mirror 100 times a day right after the surgery. We need time for the results to look good. This is only going to make you feel bad about your decision. Do not try to poke or touch your nose as well, this might destroy the results as your nose is tender. Try to protect your nose from any kind of outside impact.

The recovery process differs from one patient to other, depending on your skin quality. You might get more swelled compared to someone else or feel worse or feel better. All patients have different pain thresholds. Although rhinoplasty is not a painful surgery, your discomfort might be more compared to another patient.

Try not to lay flat, always try to keep your head elevated. This is going to help blood not rushing to your head and increase bleeding.

You might get constipated post surgery, so it would be best to eat vegetables and fruites rich in fiber. If this goes on for long, you can ask your surgeon for laxatives.

Revision rhinoplasty surgeries success rate is way lower than the primary one. You should be realistic about your end result. The risks and complications are higher and probably the nasal anatomy is not as strong as it would be in a primary case. Reoperating the same area is going to be more difficult of course.

In today’s rhinoplasty, the techniques are more advanced, and the results are more accurate. Everything is easier compared to past. It is easier to have rhinoplasty surgery now than 10 years ago.


After Care

Your surgeon is going to be the one who would be dealing with the after care. This is important in the acute stage and your doctor will be doing this in your post operative check ups. It is important that you do not wet your face in the first week post surgery.

Dry Mouth

As you would not be able to breathe through the nose especially in the first 3 days as your nose will have tampons(inner nasal splints) in, this is going to make you not breathe properly. On the 3rd post op date, they will be removed. However, once they are removed, due to swelling the breathing canals might get blocked again. Please do not panic. In time, the breathing will improve. Of course, this is annoying but as you would need to breathe through the mouth, this is going to cause your mouth to be dry. Drinking water will help. However, please do not forget the fact that this situation is temporary.

Using Nasal Spray

After the 3rd post op date, you will be given a nasal spray, which is going to help washing your nose and cleaning the mucus and scabs. This will definetly help softening and moistruizing the nose. Try to use it at least 3 times a day. Saline spray helps speeding up the healing process and help keeping the internal area more hygenic.

Ongoing Recovery

The acute stage of the healing is the first week. On the 3rd post operative date, the inner splints will be removed from your nose and on the 7th post op date, the outer cast is removed. The rest of the post operative check ups follow as: 1st month, 3rd month, 6th month and 1 year. If you do not live in Istanbul, Turkey, you can contact our patient coordinators and update them to inform our doctors about your healing process. Once the 1st month has passed, you would see that most of the swelling and bruising will fade away and the nose will start to settle in its place.


If you have had your rhinoplasty sıurgery performed abroad, you should not fly back home until the cast over your nose is taken out. The cast is removed on the 7th post op date. By that time, you will be in a good place for your acute healing stage, meaning the swelling, the bruising and the breathing will be better. Once you are on the plane, try to apply the nasal saline spray, which will help with the blockage of the nose. After the flight, you might get swelled and blocked, this is also a temporary situation.


Your nose will feel tender as it just recieved trauma. Try not to touch your nose, and distract yourself from touching the nose. As no one wants to jeopardize their healing process.

Can rhinoplasty go wrong?

Yes, rhinoplasty can go wrong. Here are a few problems that can take place:

Tip definition problem: The tip might not be as much as defined as you wish it to be. If too much cartilage is removed from the tip of your nose, that means that area would lose its support structure and can cause collapse of the nostrils.

Too much hump removal: The hump over your nose might be ‘trimmed’ too much, this would end up with a fake looking result. So, your bridge might look too scooped out. This can be corrected via revision rhinoplasty using a spare rib cartilage in order to reshape the nose.(as there might not be enough cartilage left in the nose, this would be the only reason why your surgeon would refer to your ribs.)

Too much nostril reduction: When nostrils are reduced in size too much, this is going to prevent you to breathe properly.

Supratip deformity: If not enough cartilage is removed from the tip, this might lead to the tip looking more bulbous and not as elegant as expected.

Breathing problems: The first 10 days post surgery, this is normal not to be able to breathe. But after like 6 month post op period, if you are not still breathing well, you might have developed an issue concerning polyps or turbinate hypertrophy or something chronic. Of course consult your plastic surgeon with this issue, but you might need to refer to an ENT surgeon(ear-nose-throat surgeon), because most of the time breathing issue might not actually be related to the work that was performed.

Infection: We do not really expect patients to get infected post surgery. But this can also happen, however, no need to panic, this issue can be treated via using antibiotics. Please fill in the online consultation form below to send us your enquiries about rhinoplasty.

Is Turkey good for rhinoplasty?

Turkey is one of the top destinations when it comes to nose job surgery or other cosmetic surgeries as well, but most preferred surgery type is rhinoplasty. The reason behind this is that Turkish surgeons have lots of experience when it comes to rhinoplasty.

Most Turkish people suffer from the appereance of their noses, this plays a big role in why nose job surgery is very popular in Turkey. And because of this reason, Turkish surgeons get to practice rhinoplasty surgery a lot.

Most Turkish patients suffer from:

– Having a bulky looking tip
– Having a big dorsal hump on the nose bridge
– Having a crooked nose, sometimes making it hard to breathe
– Having an overall big nose proportionally not fitting to facial measures. – Having a hanging tip

Most Turkish surgeons have a lot of experiences about these nasal issues, and probably these are also common issues worldwide, this does really make Turkish surgeons become very experienced and specialized in rhinoplasty field. So, yes Turkey is good to have your rhinoplasty surgery due to experience and surgical skills of the plastic surgeons.

How much does a nose job cost in Turkey?

There are different reasons when a patient wants to go under rhinoplasty surgery. And there are billions of surgeons around the world… If you are ready to travel abroad for cosmetic surgery reasons, then Turkey can be a nice spot for you. There are different reasons behind this. First of all, due to currency differences, the rhinoplasty surgery costs a lot cheaper in Turkey. The rhinoplasty surgery prices range from 2000 to 3000 Euros in our clinic.

Of course this price depends from clinic to clinic and if this is a primary or a revision surgery.

Another reason why Turkey has been becoming a popular destination for cosmetic surgery is because of the skills of the surgeons. Especially nose job is a very popular surgery in Turkey, lots of Turkish patients get nose jobs done. This brings experience to Turkish surgeons because practice makes it perfect.

Due to our genes, Turkish noses mostly tend to be bigger or crooked, as Turkish surgeons recieve a lot of rhinoplasty cases like this, they get to practice more, this makes them specialized in this department.

Reasons to go under rhinoplasty surgery:

If you happen to have one of the issues below, you probably are a good candidate to have rhinoplasty surgery:

– A bump on the nose
– Bulbous tip
– Droopy tip
– Deviated septum / Crooked nose
– Overall long nose
– Tip of the nose lacking definition

How would your journey follow?

After you arrive to Istanbul, you’ll have a detailed consultation with your surgeon in our clinic. After the consultation, you will be guided to the hospital (the same or the next day depending on your arrival time). On the surgery day, right before the operation, you will go through a series of standard health tests, and an examination by the anaesthesiologist.

After the operation, you’ll be spending the first night at the hospital.

The next day, you’re discharged from the hospital. Before discharge, you’ll be visited by your surgeon and/or scrub nurse. Until the first control you’re advised to be mobile indoors, or rest at the hotel.

You will probably be asked to come to the clinic for your post operative checks twice. Exact program of your post-op visits will be clarified after your operation & consultation.

In the meantime, I will be doing your follow ups and checking you for any concerns or needs. I’ll be passing your concerns to the medical staff, and get back to you with quick solutions during your stay. If there are any need for extra post op checks or a technical question in mind that you would like to discuss, you are always welcome to stop by at the clinic.

If you wish, you can find out about package prices including your accomodation and airport transfers as well, please contact us via Whatsapp.

Who is the best nose surgeon in Turkey?

There are lots of good plastic surgeons in Turkey. There is no specific one, that would be the best, in fact there is no perfect plastic surgeon in the world.

Also, there are different type of rhinoplasty techniques performed by many different surgeons according to each of their skills and approach etc..

This is one of the most difficult phase while planning your rhinoplasty journey. It is so very important to do your research correctly. Here are some points which you can do a research on.

1- Reviews of past patients are very important.
2- Request a video consultation from your surgeon.
3- Check their credentials and their past work(before&after photos).
4- Research the hospital they work with.
5- Look for an honest surgeon who would tell you what can be done and what cannot, it is always better to have an open communication about your desires. As there is no person as perfect, there is no perfect surgeon in the world.

You should give utmost care to find a surgeon that would take care of you, not someone who is after your money and definetly not someone who only puts a show on their instagram account. I think patients now can understand who to choose because we are in the technology era and everyone is quite reachable. Nowadays, it has gotten easier to analyze and do a research on the surgeon you plan to pick. Taking these into consideration would really help you decide, this should make your worries go away. Request a video consultation from our surgeon, please contact us via whatsapp.

Are nose job surgeries cheaper in Turkey?

Yes, rhinoplasty surgery seems to be cheaper in Turkey, the biggest reason behind this is the currency. Turkish lira currency is much cheaper compared to British pounds or Euros or USD as well. That is why, not just surgeries but when a tourist comes to Turkey, they tend to spend a lot less than expected, food cost less, transportation cost less, everything seems to cost less.

Of course surgery prices are not that cheap if you are a local here, however if you are paying for your rhinoplasty surgery in Euros and if you are earning Euros, Turkish lira is going to be very cheap for you. This is the most common reason why patients plan to travel abroad to come to Turkey, especially Istanbul.

Another reason here is that Turkish surgeons are very experienced when it comes to nose jobs. Because most Turkish people suffer from aesthetic appereance of their noses, this helps the plastic surgeons to practice rhinoplasty surgery a lot. Turkish surgeons are generally practical and innovative, they tend to use the latest technique and technology. Turkish surgeons give importance to after care, pain and healing, that is why just like in our clinic, Turkish plastic surgeons always adapt to the latest techniques and developments.

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