Top Skincare Tips You Need to Consider During Your 30-40s-50s

Of course, we all want to have a glowy skin and a healthy&fresh look, but this depends on your expectations, genes and aging… Your skincare goals should evolve as you age. If you are 50 and want to look 20, that’s not very applicable but there are some tricks which would help you look fresh even you are 50-40 or 30 years old. We always want to stand up against gravity, which is impossible but there are some maneuvrs which can change aging’s fate for us just a bit…

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In your 30s:


Exfoliating gently 1-2 times a week will help rejuvenating your skin, it will help blood
circulation to accelerate and create collagen.


Retinol fires up cell turnover, improves skin discoloration and tighteness, retinol is a form of Vitamin A. It is a basic ingredient against anti-aging, when start using in your 30s, this is going to help having a firmer skin in the long term.

In your 40s:

-Neck skincare routine:

We always tend to care about your face but we should never neglect neck area. Neck area shows signs of aging more than face, that is why we should take good care of our neck by using moistruzers and serums that contain anti aging ingredients such as retinol.


You should never forget to get good amount of sleep for a better skin look and a fresh attitude! The less you sleep, the body will be more tired.

-Non-invasive treatments: (Botox, fillers, fractional laser)

Now, when you do a frown or a suprised face if your lines are bothering you, you can start by trying Botox first. There is nothing to be scared here… This is a temporary solution and if you do not like what you see in the mirror, in 6 months time, it will melt away. You might also be afraid that botox will erase your mimics, if botox or fillers are performed by skilled plastic surgeons, then you should not feel worried, because you will end up with a fresher and a natural look.

Radio frequency also has a tightening effect on face, in our clinic we use Syneron-Candela devices for fractional laser and ELOS PLUS as well. By damaging the skin, we are stimulating the body to rejuvenate that area.

Please read more below:

These minor touches on face will not do any harm but on the contrary, it will create a soft elegant figure. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look a bit younger. 🙂 If we have tools to do this, why shouldn’t we?

In your 50s:

-Night cream routine:

Never neglect the power of cream! If you have taken good care of your skin until now, there is no reason to stop! Night cream is going to help repairing your skin while you sleep, don’t underestimate it!

-Mini lifts – minor invasive procedures:

Now, if you feel like these are not enough and you are considering lifting procedures, your plastic surgeon should first look into your desires, your facial anatomy and what can be achieved. You need to be a good candidate for such minor invasive procedure, otherwise, it won’t make any difference and will fail in the long term.

Let’s say, you have a bit of laxity in your double chin area, corset platysmaplasty procedure should lead the way! This is going to help tightening the plastymal muscles and end with a firmer look for the double chin area. This is performed through a minor
incision through the chin and can be performed under local or general anesthesia. And this requires 1 week of stay in Turkey, Istanbul.

If your eyes are making you look tired, getting rid of the excess skin on the upper eyelids can make a great difference. The incision is hidden on the eye fold and upper blepharoplasty procedure will help you look more energetic! This procedure can be performed under local or general anesthesia, this requires 1 week of stay in Turkey, Istanbul.

-Ful invasive procedures such as Facelift:

If a mini neck lift would not help tolerating the saggy skin on your face or specifically on the lower face&jaw area, a full facelift shall be considered, this is going to tighten the neck and the jaw area and will also help a denser look for mid face too. As seen on most of the aging faces, the face exhibits two major aesthetic problems: deflation&sagging. A face-lift mainly targets your jawline, cheek and lower face sagging, and corrects all of these details at once. You will have a swollen&bruised face for at least 2 weeks following
surgery. The hospital stay for such an operation is 2 days, and the minimum stay in Istanbul, Turkey is 2 weeks. You’ll also be wearing a cervico-facial corset for 2 weeks.

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