V-Line Surgery

Recently, plastic surgery trends have been teling us a new face shape type which is getting popular day by day! V shaped faces are getting hotter and hotter!

When the face is more V shaped looking, it looks slimmer, more defined and more feminine. Some interventions can be performed on face to alter its shape naturally.

Before going into that, imagine a V shape letter in front of your face… what does it mean? It means that the upper part of the face is lifted and wider compared to the lower part.

So, how can we achieve this?

Higher cheekbones, slimmer cheeks, lifted brows and an augmented chin… Might sound a bit too much, however you would need to discuss what would fit you best with your surgeon in your detailed face to face consultation.

Through a procedure called bichectomy, you can achieve slimmer cheeks, that will help giving a better definition to face. The fat pad inside the cheeks are removed through a small incision, so this deflation creates a slimmer look for the face. However, you should be careful, over doing this can lead to sagging of the cheeks. There is always a balance here, you should trust your surgeon for the correct proportioning of the face.

How to lift the eyebrows?

Through a procedure called temple lift of course. When upper face area is lifted by the temples, it gives a fresher look to face and actually helps face to end up with that ‘V’ look.

Chin implants or chin fillers would help augmenting and adding length to chin will make your face look longer, therefore slimmer. If you are hesitating to get implants, you can try fillers first, however fillers are temporary and lasts around 1 year. We prefer to use Juvederm brand Vycross series.

Fillers can also be applied to different areas on face, when cheekbones are enhanced with fillers, they help changing the face’s shape from round to a more triangular look.

Voila… there you have it… the recipe to a more slimmer, lifted, defined and fresh ‘V-looking’ face.

Of course, not all these procedures need to be performed, if you are hesitating to have surgical procedures performed, you can start with non invasive treatments such as fillers and botox, which can help the facial shape change to some extent. For example, cheekbone, chin fillers, botox for the frown&brow area or bichectomy procedure as well(which is a minor invasive procedure can be performed under local anesthesia.).

Is V-line surgery dangerous?

Well, every surgery is dangerous and has its own risks. Just as if, every airplane have a risk to fall. However, this procedure consists of a few different procedures, this is not just one surgery.

1- Chin Implant
2- Double Chin Liposuction
3- Buccal Fat Removal
4- Mini Neck Lift (Corset plastymaplasty)

Of course, not all patients are eligible to have these 4 combined procedures. For instance, if your cheeks are not chubby enough, there will be no need to remove the fat pads inside from the cheeks. Or, if your chin has enough projection, adding a chin implant will definetly end up with an unpleasant look. That is why, the patient should discuss their needs with their surgeon, if they are looking to have sharp jawline or more hollow cheeks etc… Because each patient’s facial features are unique and should be treated accordingly.

All 4 procedures are not very major surgeries, that is why the surgery takes around 3 hours at most. You will need to stay around 10 days in Istanbul if you are an international patient.

How long is Vline surgery recovery time?

If mini neck lift (Corset plastymaplasty) surgery is included, there will be a minor incision of 3cm under the chin. The chin implant is also inserted from this area. But, for buccal fat removal, the incisions are inside the mouth.(The buccal fat removal scars are like stab incisions.)

When it comes to mini neck lift surgery, the neck is tightened from that 3cm incision and the real fat source which is under the plastyma muscle is also removed.
If you wanted to remove that fat with liposuction without the mini neck lift surgery, you cannot have the real fat source removed, only some of the fat can be treated. Basically because, any type of liposuction cannula is only allowed to remove the superficial layer of fat, which is above the muscle level. (This is the same process for fat removing from abdominal or back, arms or thighs.) So, when it comes to double chin fat, we can only remove the superficial layer of fat which is above the platysma muscle. Now, this type of fat is generally not very dramatic, meaning when it is removed, it does not make much difference.

The real difference we will witness is where we remove the fat under the plastyma muscle(which is the real source of fat) and tighten the platysma muscle which is responsible for the bulge on the double chin. That way, we will be able to achieve a nice defined jawline and a sharp cervico-mental angle.
The recovery time is around 1 to 3 months. However, after the acute stage of healing(the first 10 days), the swelling will start to fade away. And in around 1 month, the results will start to show.

The most annoying part of this process is to wait for the swelling to pass. But, from 1 to 3 months the results will start being visible.
We do not want our patients to do heavy cardio or weight lifting until 1 month after surgery. Swimming is not allowed until 3 weeks post-op.

The Vline Surgery Costs

As this surgery is a combination of different procedures, the price range changes depending on which procedures are included. So, please contact our team via this link for information about the price.

Can Vline surgery be performed on men?

Of course, this procedure can be performed on male patients. Especially who are after a smooth looking jawline. These combined procedures are both for female and male patients. Of course, the surgeon does not need to combine all 4 procedure just as he would not for female patients.

Jawline area represents power and health for both female and males, that is why these combined surgeries are suitable for both. A strong jawline is important for males especially.
There are 3 key poinys to an ideal looking face.

1- Cervico-mental angle.
2- Jawline – chin projection.
3- High cheekbones.

When a face has either one of these features, it will look very different. These 3 represent youth as well. And when a patient is looking younger and it gives a fresh glow. When you compare an underdefined jawline and the opposite together, automatically you will chose the defined jawline, because a defined jawline appeals to the eye and looks fresh&healthy. This bring us to an answer, yes, these combined surgery series are suitable for male patients as well.

Can Vline surgery go wrong?

Just as in any surgery, of course Vline surgery can go wrong as well. For example, if too much fat, in the long term, it might cause sagginess on the jowls. Or, if the corset plastymaplasty surgery is not performed properly, it might cause irregularities and tightness around the neck area.
Of course, during the healing process, your face will look swelled, which is temporary, this part is valid for all patients. Because, due to the trauma caused by surgery, the tissues in the operation area will have oedema.

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