What’s a V-Line Surgery?

Recently, plastic surgery trends have been teling us a new face shape type which is getting popular day by day! V shaped faces are getting hotter and hotter!

When the face is more V shaped looking, it looks slimmer, more defined and more feminine. Some interventions can be performed on face to alter its shape naturally.

Before going into that, imagine a V shape letter in front of your face… what does it mean? It means that the upper part of the face is lifted and wider compared to the lower part.

So, how can we achieve this? …

Higher cheekbones, slimmer cheeks, lifted brows and an augmented chin… Might sound a bit too much, however you would need to discuss what would fit you best with your surgeon in your detailed face to face consultation.

Through a procedure called bichectomy, you can achieve slimmer cheeks, that will help giving a better definition to face. The fat pad inside the cheeks are removed through a small incision, so this deflation creates a slimmer look for the face. However, you should be careful, over doing this can lead to sagging of the cheeks. There is always a balance here, you should trust your surgeon for the correct proportioning of the face.

How to lift the eyebrows…? Through a procedure called temple lift of course. When upper face area is lifted by the temples, it gives a fresher look to face and actually helps face to end up with that ‘V’ look.

Chin implants or chin fillers would help augmenting and adding length to chin will make your face look longer, therefore slimmer. If you are hesitating to get implants, you can try fillers first, however fillers are temporary and lasts around 1 year. We prefer to use Juvederm brand Vycross series.

Fillers can also be applied to different areas on face, when cheekbones are enhanced with fillers, they help changing the face’s shape from round to a more triangular look.

Voila… there you have it… the recipe to a more slimmer, lifted, defined and fresh ‘V-looking’ face.

Of course, not all these procedures need to be performed, if you are hesitating to have surgical procedures performed, you can start with non invasive treatments such as fillers and botox, which
can help the facial shape change to some extent. For example, cheekbone, chin fillers, botox for the frown&brow area or bichectomy procedure as well(which is a minor invasive procedure can be performed under local anesthesia.)…


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