Why more people are getting plastic surgery?

How much time do you spend in front of the camera to find the perfect angle?

How much time do you spend editing that photo?

Or do you have trouble picking the correct filter for your selfie?

This young selfie nation has changed the game for the plastic surgery trends. The aesthetic culture is slowly evolving. When I come to think of it, it seems like taking many selfies helped increasing the volume of patients rushing to our clinic, especially millenials, or patients who are between 20-28 years of age.

One of the reasons why more people are getting plastic surgery or having aesthetic treatments done can be related to the period of time they spend on the their phone’s front cam. 🙂

The more you try to find your best angle for the best shot of selfie, the more you discover your desires to make changes on your face. This could be rhinoplasty (nose job), temple lift, buccal fat removal or lip fillers or jawline fillers etc.

While trying to take a selfie, we all notice some flaws about our faces and we apply filters or photoshop, but some get tired of applying these and want to make a change on their actual selves. 🙂

These filters can make the skin look flawless or define the nose better or make your lips look bigger…

The instagram influencers motivate their followers to visit a plastic surgery clinic as well, because simply their followers want to look as beautiful as them.

This is where cosmetic procedures come in, this increase in getting plastic surgery is related to taking too many photos, because you keep seeing your flaws and this motivates you to make a change.

Now, as a plastic surgery clinic, of course we support having changes in your body and face but there should definetly be a limit to it, in terms of age, desires and frequency of having treatments done.

As a clinic, we generally prefer to stay on the natural side of things, of course a bit of fillers won’t hurt anyone… On the contrary, these natural touches on face&body, helps boosting confidence and effects mindset and mental health in a good way.

For example, I personally made truce with the camera after getting lip fillers and bichectomy and this really made me become more peaceful with myself. However, Dr. Metin and Dr. Burak would probably have stopped me if I wanted to have more treatments done like temple lift to have lifted, sharp brows or much bigger lips…

But if you keep being unhappy after a nose job or fillers, you should definetly consider taking a journey to yourself and to see deepdown what is causing you to NOT accept your flaws?

Please do not let this social media and selfie chaos get to you, we all have something we want to change in ourselves, but your surgeon should guide you correctly and ethically when it comes going under a surgery or a treatment.

There is nothing wrong about getting plastic surgery done but it is very wrong to try not be happy about yourself at all after going through a treatment. You should be able to accept what can your surgeon work with and also have a limit to the number of treatments you have in mind.

Yesterday, I spoke with a friend who would wanted to have rhinoplasty, chin implant, bichectomy, upper eyelid correction and temple lift at the same time, thanks to social media! We immediately guided her to only go through chin implant and buccal fat removal, because this was basically what she needed.

If she have had performed all these procedures at once, she would not look like herself anymore and I am sure, in the end she would still be unhappy, because the actual struggle is within herself.

Life is all about balance, if these natural touches will make you happy, you should go for it but if you keep looking for perfection, you will not be happy.

Perfection comes within and perfection happens when you start accept and love yourself.

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